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BHSU Thompson Diversion Program

Being a lawyer does not stop at the doors of the courthouse, it is about engaging in the community. The BHSU Diversion program has asked Eric to speak about being a lawyer, law school, and general law questions. If you do not have a family member who is an attorney the law can seem arcane and difficult to navigate.

Diversion programs, like the BHSU Thompson Diversion program, serve an incredibly important role in the criminal justice system. The Thompson Diversion Program provides BHSU students with the opportunity to correct a poor decision. Instead of a poor decision affecting their permanent adult record, which can result in negative consequences such as loss of job opportunities or ineligibility for financial aid, this program ensures that students take responsibility for their actions. Through cooperation with their peers, students correct their mistakes by giving back to BHSU and the Spearfish community and by completing activities that ensure education and accountability.

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