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The Importance of Continuing Legal Education.

Learning the law does not stop at the end of law school, or passing the bar. No nationwide rules exist within the United States for CLE requirements or accreditation. However, adopting to new technologies, caselaw, rules, studies, and insights in the field are crucial to staying effective. Eric completed the following CLEs for the 2020 year to stay on the cutting edge of legal developments:

  • Small Business Valuations and Discovery in a Divorce -- State Bar of South Dakota

  • COVID-19 and the Constitution--Erwin Chemerinsky, Wyoming State Bar

  • Employer Responses to Crisis: Lessons Learned from Navigating Covid-19: To say Covid-19 has created challenges for both employees and employers is an understatement. Lawyers throughout South Dakota, particularly those who practice employment law, have been busy fielding calls from both employees and employers with unique situations caused by this pandemic. This program will provide a question and answer session from our speakers Nicole Tupman and Nichole Mohning, who will share their first-hand experiences in navigating through the uncharted Covid-19 questions in the employment law field-- State Bar of South Dakota

  • Stress Hardiness in Uncertain Times -- Wyoming State Bar

  • The Future of Law Post-Pandemic: A Roller Coaster Revolution -- Wyoming State Bar

  • Conflicts of Interest: You Can't be Everyone's Best Friend or Their Lawyer -- Lawpay, Claude Ducloux

  • Ethics and Social Media in Court -- Lawpay, Claude Ducloux

  • Effective Communications: Resonating with Different Generations: Attorney Claude Ducloux examines the duty that lawyers have to keep their clients informed, as well as the difficulties that can exist in bridging different communication styles that result from generational differences. Claude will analyze the traits and styles of each generation and its current population share, current uses of courtroom technology, issues that can arise when selecting juries and deposing witnesses, giving attendees insight on effective lawyer communication strategies.

  • Biased? Me? How Lawyers Can Recognize & Improve Interpersonal Skills: So much of the practice of law involves decision-making, and convincing others to make better decisions based upon fact rather than emotion. This course is intended to guide attendees to appreciate how they involuntarily make decisions and guide them to recognize and prevent bias.

  • Strategies in communicating to third-parties -- Lawpay, Claude Ducloux

  • Client Relations and Law Firm Finances -- Lawpay, Claude Ducloux

  • Strategies for Witness Examination (Yours & Theirs): In both jury and nonjury trials, dealing with difficult witnesses is a crucial skill for attorneys. This session will explore the best tactics for handling your own witnesses, as well as opposing counsels'. We'll step back to examine how witnesses fit into your overall case strategy, and then outline best practices to master the art of witness prep and examination. We'll also explain how to tune in to important nonverbal signals in the courtroom, and we'll review some key ethical principles to guide your witness examination tactics. -- Lawpay, Claude Ducloux

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